Elizabeth Shotton


Head of Industrial Liaison 

Email: industry@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1235 778797

Application of X-ray powder diffraction and small molecule crystallography to industrially relevant samples.

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Elizabeth Shotton is the Head of the Industrial Liaison Group, responsible for all proprietary use of Diamond’s facilities.  After a PhD at University College London studying solid state properties of pigments, she has worked for 25 years at synchrotrons, applying synchrotron methods to industrial research problems.  A Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, her main research areas are in the application of X-ray powder diffraction and small molecule crystallography to industrially relevant samples.

In external roles, Elizabeth is a non-executive board member for Quantum Detectors, and a member of several advisory panels, including the Science Advisory Committee of the Canadian Light Source,  the Industrial Advisory Board of the School of Chemical and Process Engineering in Leeds University and the Industrial Advisory Board of the European Spallation Source.



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