Diamond Light Source provides a comprehensive testing programme for visitors and staff.

PCR Testing at Diamond

PCR Testing is the preferred testing method for access to Diamond. For short term visits, please see additional information here.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days, please do not undertake testing at Diamond and contact covidtesting@diamond.ac.uk with additional questions


PCR Testing

Diamond offers two types of PCR sample collection methods; saliva, and swab. Sample testing kits can be collected from key pick-up points (Diamond House atrium or zone 8 in the Synchrotron Building). If bags are not available, please contact covidtesting@diamond.ac.uk

You can also collect an instruction leaflet when you collect your testing kit from the pick-up point. If the instruction leaflet is not available, they can also be found here.

Timeframe of the testing:

The PCR laboratory is running tests on all working days. If a sample is dropped at the collection site before 10am, we will use all reasonable endeavours to communicate your result to you before 5pm the same day. Any samples dropped off after 10am will be tested the following working day and results communicated before 5pm. Once you have collected your sample testing kit, please take the bag home with you, register and book a test by scanning the QR code. Due to the several layers of quality assurance of the PCR test, invalid results are expected and are communicated. These samples will then be retested the following testing day.