Sally Irvine


Industrial Liaison Scientist - Imaging

Tel: +44 (0)1235 777508

Key Research Area

Applications of imaging techniques

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Biography -

Sally Irvine joined the team in October 2015 as an Industrial Liaison Scientist specialising in X-ray imaging.

After completing her PhD with the School of Physics at Monash University in Australia in 2010, Sally spent over 3 years as a post-doctoral fellow working within the tomographic microscopy group (TOMCAT) at the Swiss Light Source. Following that role and prior to her position here at Diamond, Sally was a Research Officer for the Laboratory for Dynamic Imaging at Monash University.

With a background specialising in X-ray phase contrast and ultra-fast tomographic imaging, Sally has many years of experience gained from experiments conducted on synchrotron beamlines in Japan, Australia, the US, Switzerland and now the UK. This is well complemented by her research within live-imaging applications of high flux micro-focus laboratory sources.

Sally works closely with industrial users in order to assist them in taking full advantage of the diverse range of imaging capabilities on offer at a selection of Diamond’s beamlines.

Scientific Interests - +

The overarching theme of my research since the beginning of my PhD work has been dynamic X-ray imaging techniques based on propagation-based X-ray phase contrast. As a physicist my work has often involved computationally simulating the coherent x-ray optics of the microscopic imaging system. The practical applications of these techniques generally involve working with multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers. Phase contrast imaging is very well suited to bio-medical applications and so many of my collaborators have been biologists, physiologists and pharmacologists (imaging small animal lung motion or blood flow, for example). However during my years of experience providing experimental support to users at the Swiss Light Source and lab-source users at Monash University I have also been privileged to work with geologists, botanists and chemists, just to name a few. I am genuinely excited to help facilitate the very wide range of imaging and tomography applications that synchrotron facilities such as Diamond can assist with.

Publications - +

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