eBIC for Industry

Located within the electron-Bio Imaging Centre at Diamond, a dedicated facility for industrial cryo-EM has been established in partnership with leading microscope manufacturer Thermo Fisher. Bringing together the experience of the Diamond Industrial Liaison Team in supporting drug discovery science and the Thermo Fisher experience in state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy, the combination of skills and techniques on offer provides a unique proposition for industrial researchers.  
The facility will house the latest generation of cryo-transmission electron microscopes and detectors providing high-resolution structural insights to single-particle and and tomography projects. 
Our team of microscopists are experienced in working with industry and can support the adoption or application of cryo-EM in challenging research projects.  We offer a range of services to both experienced groups and new entrants to the field - from grid preparation to analysed data. 
Using cryo-EM, we can help you to:
• Resolve protein complexes and protein-ligand interactions
• Study macromolecules in as close to native state as possible
• Study much larger and complex assemblies within their cellular context
For more detail on this powerful technique, read our cryo-EM article.

To find out how eBIC for Industry can advance your research, please visit our website.