From Palm Oil to BioFuel

Ferensa Oemry tells about his time spent at Diamond.

A year-long collaboration between the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Diamond and the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source has enabled scientists from Indonesia to conduct ground-breaking work on sustainable biofuels.

Dr Ferensa Oemry is one of a number of scientists from OECD DAD countries who have participated in the Newton Funding programme, which provides access to large-scale research facilities across the UK to promote the economic development and welfare of collaborating countries.
An accomplished scientist from Indonesia, Ferensa has spent the last year with the Industrial Liaison Team at Diamond, working on the design of a new catalyst to produce sustainable biofuels using palm oil waste as the main feedstock. 

This research has the potential to have an immense impact on the Indonesian economy. Along with Malaysia it supplies 85% of the world’s palm oil, but also faces a growing need for fuel, most of which is currently imported. By developing a catalyst that uses the waste produce of palm oil, Ferensa and his team aim not only to support the country’s fuel supply, but also make the production of biofuels much more sustainable.