Publications and Open Access

  • Policy statement

    Diamond promotes the publication of research and unrestricted access to the published output of research funded by Diamond, carried out by Diamond or carried out at, or in collaboration with Diamond, to the extent that it is not Proprietary Research (“Open Research”).

  • Who does this policy apply to?

    This policy applies to persons producing Open Research, including Diamond Users, Diamond Employees, and all those persons visiting Diamond or contracting with Diamond (including consultants, contractors, casual and agency staff). Although this policy applies to all Diamond Employees, it does not form part of any Diamond Employee’s contract of employment. Output arising from Proprietary Research is not covered by this policy and will be subject to separate contractual or other arrangements.  

  • Who is responsible for this policy?

    Diamond’s Directors have overall responsibility for this policy. Any queries or suggestions relating to this policy should be sent to

  • What is open access?

    Open Access is free, online access to peer reviewed research papers, journal articles or conference papers that have been submitted and accepted for publication. Open Access can be achieved either by immediate free access to the peer-reviewed research paper, journal article or conference paper, usually through the payment of an Article Processing Charge (“Gold Open Access”), or after a suitable embargo period (“Green Open Access”).

  • Which open access is preferred?

    Diamond Users are required to publish all publishable Peer Reviewed Research on an Open Access basis and in a timely and responsible manner that does not harm intellectual property. The choice of route to Open Access remains with the Diamond User and their Establishment, but always in compliance with Diamond’s Terms and Conditions for Peer Reviewed Facility User Access. Where a Diamond Employee is the lead author or the corresponding author and where funding is available, Open Research should be published on a Gold Open Access basis and unless the circumstances dictate otherwise, the costs thereof will be paid by Diamond. Where a Diamond Employee makes a significant contribution towards Open Research, but is not the lead author or the corresponding author, Diamond may be prepared to contribute towards the costs of Gold Open Access, but any such request shall require Diamond Director approval and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Diamond recognises that in certain circumstances, it may be preferable or necessary to publish Open Research on a Green Open Access basis rather than a Gold Open Access basis. Any alternative basis for publishing Open Research shall require Diamond Director approval.

  • Which licence should research be published under?

    Open Research, specifically including Peer Reviewed Research, should be published using the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC-BY). 


  • Third-party obligations

    All persons producing Open Research are responsible for meeting any additional third-party obligations (such as those contained in grant awards) that may be applicable.

  • Additional obligations

    All persons producing Open Research shall acknowledge Diamond in accordance with Diamond’s prevailing terms of use, shall log their publication in Diamond’s Publications Database and should, where appropriate, send a copy of the publication to Diamond Publications. Diamond Employees should ensure that Diamond retains ownership of copyright in the works that they produce.

  • Breach of this policy

    Breach of this policy may:

    (a) In the case of Diamond Employees, result in disciplinary action.

    (b) In the case of individuals who are not Diamond employees, result in termination of any contract that they may have in place with Diamond and/or termination of their access to Diamond.