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Graham Dennis is a Senior Electronics Engineer in the Detector Group.  Graham joined Diamond in June 2009 after working for STFC.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778358
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Research Expertise -
Detector instrumentation electronics readout system design and development.
As a member of the Detector Group, my main focus is the design, development and support of instrumentation and readout electronics for detectors deployed on Diamond beam lines.
In the past 6 years at Diamond (and in my prior position at STFC), I have heavily focused on the development of detectors and systems used in the field of spectroscopy, and in particular to achieving maximum performance from the range of Hyper Pure Germanium Detectors (HPGe) found within the Diamond spectroscopy village. This work spans a range of disciplines: 1. Focusing on the Detector Head and ensuring optimum operating conditions for the sensitive HPGe crystal 2. Design and development of the high performance preamplifiers fitted to the Canberra multi-element monolithic HPGe detectors 3. Design and development of the front-end Data Acquisition System within the Xspress2 readout electronics. Working closely with STFC, we have been able to exploit these developments, and commercialise Xspress through Quantum Detectors in the guise of Xspress3 4. Development of enhanced digital pulse processing algorithms to extract even more salient information from the HPGe detectors...Xspress4.
In addition to the work on spectroscopy detectors, I have also developed electronics sub-systems for a number of other in-house projects, such as Excalibur and APD based systems, and analysed the performance of other essential beam line instrumentation systems such as instrumentation and diagnostics ADC modules.

The design and development of enhanced digital pulse processing readout systems makes up a significant proportion of my daily workload, but this has to sit comfortably alongside the day-to-day support of detector systems on Diamond beam lines ensuring Diamond Users can gain maximum benefit from the data they acquire during their beam time.

Collaborations - +

I am actively collaborating with STFC to develop enhanced digital pulse processing electronics and algorithms for spectroscopy applications.

Presentations - +

I have presented work at the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium in 2014 entitled, "Improved Rate & Resolution Performance in HPGe Detectors." The work has lead to Diamond's first UK Patent Application in order to protect this important IP.

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