Rachael Skyner


 Rachael started working for XChem in April 2017. Her expertise is in Computational Chemistry and she is focussing on building a platform for computer guided follow-up generation of X-Ray fragment hits.

Email: rachael.skyner@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: (01235) 77 7537

 - Computational Chemistry

 - Building pipelines allowing instant data access from commplex databases

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Biography and Research -

Rachael completed her MChem in Chemistry with Research Experience in Bradford (2013), where she worked on multi-component co-crystals, investigating chaperoning the crystal packing of small organic molecules with alkali metals and crown-ethers through crystallography. Following this, during her PhD (St Andrews/CCDC) she worked on applying data from small molecule crystallography to solubility prediction. Rachael now works on all sorts of code for the XChem project, with a particular focus on automated pipelines for data curation, and follow-up chemistry.

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