Gea T van de Kerkhof


Gea van de Kerkhof is a senior support scientist at I14. She is working in a combined position between Diamond Light Source and Johnson Matthey, focused on in situ measurements for the hard X-ray nanoprobe and TEM.


Techniques and Disciplines

Key research areas

In situ sample environments, 


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  • Hanne M Van Der Kooij, Gea T Van De Kerkhof, Joris Sprakel, A mechanistic view of drying suspension droplets, Soft Matter (2016)  10.1039/C5SM02406D


Gea is a senior support scientist at I14, in a combined position between the Diamond Light Source and Johnson Matthey. She works on in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy, as well as on the development of in situ sample environments for use on the hard X-ray nanoprobe.

Gea is originally from The Netherlands, where she obtained a BSc and MSc at in Molecular Life Sciences, a study programme focussed on multidisciplinary scientific research, at Wageningen University. She then did a PhD at the University of Cambridge, in the Department of Chemistry, working on structural colour in biological systems. She is a micrscopist, specialised in electron microscopy, working accross various different scientific fields.

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