Thomas Connolley


Thomas Connolley is the Principal Beamline Scientist for I12. He joined Diamond in 2006, with a major role in the design, construction and commissioning of the I12 JEEP beamline. He has previously worked for British Aerospace in the UK, Materials Performance Technologies in New Zealand and The National Centre for Biomedical Engineering & Science in Ireland.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778485

Research Interests

  1. Current Research Activity
  2. Collaborations
  3. Publications
Current Research Activity -

1. High Speed X-ray Imaging

Since starting I12 Beamline operations in 2009, I've worked with various academic groups using high speed X-ray imaging and tomography to study metal solidification, magmas, and more recently additive manufacturing using metal powders. A widely-used additive manufacturing technique uses a laser to melt metal powder, fusing it into solid tracks that can be built up to make a finished component. Using the very short wavelength (high photon energy) X-rays at Beamline I12, we can see through the metal powder bed to make X-ray "movies" of the melt tracks as they form. Analysing the movies enables the effect that laser power and scan speed has on melt track formation in different materials. 

2. Time-Resolved and Stroboscopic X-ray Diffraction

X-ray diffraction is a core tool for the study of deformation in metallic materials. The technique provides information about strain, phase changes and how the local crystal structure influences the ductility of metals. The advantage of a synchrotron source is that a good diffraction pattern can be obtained in a second or less, so that materials testing can be done in real time.

I also use an energy-dispersive diffraction technique that can "look" inside complete engineering components. At I12 we've developed a stroboscopic technique to study moving parts, such as a rotating bearing. The X-ray counts for one rotation are not be enough for acceptable data analysis. By adding up the signal collected at the same point in the rotation over many cycles, a dataset that can be analysed is obtained. This ability to “freeze frame” and sum the data collection over repeated cycles is why it is known as a stroboscopic technique.

3. Hyperspectral Imaging with X-rays

I have an ongoing collaboration with colleages in STFC developing applications of the HEXITEC CdTe detector, which has an imaging sensor in which each pixel contains information about the incident X-ray spectrum. This detector can be used to look at different types of X-ray signal coming from a sample, such as fluorescence, diffraction or Compton Scattering. Applications so far include study of metal solidification and chemical changes during charging and discharging of Li-ion batteries. The techniques are not yet routine and are under further development.

Collaborations - +

I'm very fortunate to be collaborating with the following people and their research groups.

University of Birmingham

Dr. David M. Collins

From 2019 I have a new collaboration with Dr. David Collins and our joint PhD student James Ball at the School Of Metallurgy, University of Birmingham. We are using X-ray diffraction to improve knowledge of the deformation and forming processes required for high strength steels.

Kings College London

Dr. Ann Huang

With my I12 colleague Dr. Oxana Magdysyuk, I have a collaboration with Dr. Ann Huang, using in-situ X-ray imaging and scattering to study changes during charging and discharging of complete Li-ion battery cells. We are devising experiments to investigate the performance of new battery electrode materials developed by Dr. Huang's team at KCL.

University College, London

Professor Peter D. Lee

Dr. Chu Lun Alex Leung

Together with my beamline colleagues Dr. Robert Atwood and Dr. Oxana Magdysyuk, we are collaborating on using high speed X-ray imaging and diffraction for experimental work on laser additive manufacturing using metal powders. The UCL team have developed sophisticated "process replicators" which enable additive manufacturing to take place on the I12 Beamline. Imaging allows study of melt track formation, while diffraction can provide information on strain and changes in crystal structure.

University of Oxford, Department of Materials

Professor Patrick Grant

Dr. Enzo Liotti

Collaboration on high speed radiography and spectroscopic imaging of solidification processes, also with researcher  Dr. Andrew Lui.

Gunma University, Japan

Professor Kosuke Suzuki

Professor Suzuki and I have a Royal Society International Collaboration grant, enabling us to participate in experiments in the UK and Japan. We are collaborating on developing Compton Imaging techniques which are applied to investigating chemical changes in charging and discharging Li-ion batteries. Our plans have been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Science & Technology Facilities Council

Dr. Matthew Wilson

Dr. Matthew Veale

Collaboration on applications of the HEXITEC pixellated CdTe "hyperspectral" detector in fluorescence and diffraction modes for studying materials processing and microstructural changes. We are using the detector on experiments with other collaborators mentioned above, including Dr. Ann Huang and Dr. Enzo Liotti.

Publications - +


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