Majid Kazemian Abyaneh


Majid Kazemian Abyaneh is the Senior Support Beamline Scientist for the Scanning X-ray Microscopy Beamline, I08.


Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778 8222

Key Research Area

Key Research Area

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Current Research Interests

Majid Kazemian Abyaneh's research interests are in general material science, nanotechnology, X-ray transmission and photoemission microscopy and spectroscopy. In particular, his research focus is on physical properties of nanoparticles-polymer nanocomposites.

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Majid Kazemian Abyaneh received his PhD in Physics, Nanotechnology (2009) from the University of Pune, India. During his PhD, he was in charge of a surface lab where he operated and maintained a XPS machine. He joined the Elettra Laboratory, in particular the ESCA microscopy beamline as a research associate fellow in 2009 and supported users and performed in-house research activities as well. Since January 2012, he was beamline scientist at the TwinMic beamline of the Elettra laboratory. Since July 2013, he is employed as Senior Support Scientist at the I08-SXM beamline.