Burkhard Kaulich


Burkhard Kaulich is the Principal Beamline Scientist responsible for the Scanning X-ray Microscopy Beamline I08 - SXM.

Email: burkhard.kaulich@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778059

Key Research Area

Key Research Area

  1. Selected publications
  2. Biography
Selected publications -


  1. A.M. Maiden, G.R. Morrison, B. Kaulich, A. Gianoncelli and J.M. Rodenburg, Soft X-ray spectromicroscopy using ptychography with randomly phased illumination, Nature Communications 4, 1669 (2013)
  2. B. Bozzini, M.K. Abyaneh, M. Amati, A. Gianoncelli, L. Gregoratti, B. Kaulich and M. Kiskinova, Soft X-ray Imaging Spectromicroscopy: New Insights in Chemical State and Morpologhy of the Key Components in Operating Fuel Cells, Chemistry European Journal 18, 10196 (2012), invited mini-review
  3. B. Kaulich, P. Thibault, A. Gianoncelli and M. Kiskinova, Transmission and emission x-ray microscopy: operation modes, contrast mechanisms and applications, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23(8), 083002 (2011), invited review
  4. B. Kaulich, A. Gianoncelli, A. Beran, D. Eichert, I. Kreft, P. Pongrac, M. Regvar, K. Vogel-Mikus and M. Kiskinova, Low-energy X-ray fluorescence microscopy opening new opportunities for bio-related research, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 6 (2009)
  5. S. Guenther, B. Kaulich, L. Gregoratti and M. Kiskinova, Photoelectron microscopy and applications in surface and materials science, Progress in Surface Science 70(4-8), 187-260 (2002), invited review 
  6. B. Kaulich, T. Wilhein, E. di Fabrizio, S. Cabrini, F. Romanato, J. Susini, M. Altissimo and B. Fayard, Differential interference contrast x-ray microscopy with twin zone plates, Journal of the Optical Society of America A 19(4) (2002)
Biography - +


Burkhard Kaulich received his Ph.D in 1996 at the University of Goettingen. He was a Post-doctoral fellow at the ESRF in 1997-2000. He worked as Senior Scientist and coordinator of the TwinMic project at the Elettra Laboratory in 2000-2011. Since July 2011, he is the Principal Beamline Scientist of the I08-SXM Scanning X-ray Microscopy beamline at Diamond and acts also as Spectroscopy Village Coordinator. He published over 100 articles including reviews and book chapters.