James Le Houx


James is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the DIAD Beamline

Email: james.le-houx@diamond.ac.uk

Key Research Area

Electrochemistry, lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, high-performance-computing, image-based modelling, automotive

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Current Research Interests

Image Current Research Interests

Research position at the Dual Imaging And Diffraction (DIAD, K11) beamline, disseminating OpenImpala to a wide range of users. Creating an automated, operando pipeline for the reconstruction, segmentation and simulation of tomographic data for beamline users. Development of documentation, set-up of continuous integration and engaging with users to assist with experiments.

My work uses advanced characterisation techniques (X-ray CT) to image microstructural materials. These datasets are then used as computational domains for a physics-based model, improving understanding of processes and performance. I have developed this model as open-source software and it is called OpenImpala: https://github.com/kramergroup/openImpala . So far it has been used to study li-ion battery electrodes, supercapacitors, flow battery electrodes and rock microstructures (geophysics).




Selected publications

  1. Le Houx, James, and Denis Kramer. "OpenImpala: OPEN source IMage based PArallisable Linear Algebra solver." SoftwareX 15 (2021): 100729.
  2. Le Houx, James, and Denis Kramer. "X-ray tomography for lithium ion battery electrode characterisation—A review." Energy Reports 7 (2021): 9-14.
  3. Le Houx, James, Markus Osenberg, Matthias Neumann, Joachim R. Binder, Volker Schmidt, Ingo Manke, Thomas Carraro, and Denis Kramer. "Effect of tomography resolution on calculation of microstructural properties for lithium ion porous electrodes." ECS Transactions 97, no. 7 (2020): 255.
  4. Le Houx, James, and Denis Kramer. "Physics based modelling of porous lithium ion battery electrodes—A review." Energy Reports 6 (2020): 1-9.
  5. Ojha, Manoranjan, James Le Houx, Radha Mukkabla, Denis Kramer, Richard George Andrew Wills, and Melepurath Deepa. "Lithium titanate/pyrenecarboxylic acid decorated carbon nanotubes hybrid-Alginate gel supercapacitor." Electrochimica Acta 309 (2019): 253-263.

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