Chiu Tang


Chiu Tang is Principal Beamline Scientist for I11.  Chiu joined Diamond in 2004 after working at SRS Daresbury.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778407

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Energy and functional materials Environmental and mineralisation

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Robotic Sample Changer and Carousel
Robotic Sample Changer and Carousel
I am the principal scientist for beamline I11, the high-resolution, time-resolved powder diffraction and long duration experimental facilities. My main research activities are the structural properties of materials using synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction and laboratory techniques (e.g. SEM, Raman and IR). I am interested in the polymorphs of calcium carbonates which are important minerals in our environment. My research interests are also focussed on structural changes in energy and functional materials at non-ambient or applied conditions, e.g. porous frameworks for gas storage/capture, compounds in Li-ion batteries and nano-composite catalysts.
I have been heavily involved with synchrotron instrumentation and developing sample environments for non-ambient experiments.


Publications - +
  • The ikaite-to-vaterite transformation: new evidence from diffraction and imaging C.C. Tang, S.P. Thompson, J.E. Parker, A.R. Lennie, F. Azough & K. Kato, J. Applied Cryst. (2009), 42, 225-233.
  • A study of the aragonite-calcite transformation using Raman spectroscopy, synchrotron powder diffraction and scanning electron microscopy J.E. Parker, S.P. Thompson, A.R. Lennie, J. Potter & C.C. Tang, Cryst, Eng. Comm. (2010), 12, 1590–1599.
  • High-throughput powder diffraction on beamline I11 at Diamond J.E. Parker, S.P. Thompson, T. Cobb, F. Yuan, J. Potter, A. Lennie, S. Alexander, C.J. Tighe, J. Darr, J.C. Cockcroft, C.C.Tang, J. Applied Cryst. (2011) 44, 102-110
  • Selectivity and direct visualization of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in a decorated porous host S. Yang, J. Sun, A.J. Ramirez-Cuesta, S. Callear, W.I. F. David, D.P. Anderson, R. Newby, A.J. Blake, J.E. Parker, C.C. Tang and M. Schroder, Nature Chemistry (2012) 4, 887–894