Terms and Conditions


Academic users within the UK or EU can have two dewars per shipment reimbursed when using ISPyB and book shipments with DHL.

Terms and conditions

  • I confirm that by using Diamond’s DHL account, I will comply with the DHL Express Terms and Conditions of Carriage and all obligations placed on the Shipper under those terms and conditions. Specifically, I warrant that in using Diamond’s DHL account:
    • a. I will ensure that all samples, hard disks or toolboxes shipped to Diamond are acceptable for transportation and are not deemed “unacceptable shipments” by DHL under clause 2 of the DHL Express Terms and Conditions of Carriage
    • b. All information provided by me to DHL or to Diamond will be complete and accurate;
    • c. I will prepare the shipment in secure premises and I will protect the shipment against unauthorised interference during preparation, storage and where applicable, transportation to DHL;
    • d. The shipment will be properly marked and addressed to Diamond and packed to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling;
    • e. I will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • I will only use Diamond’s DHL account for shipping hard disks (with maximum dimensions of 300mm x 200mm x 100mm), cryogenically frozen samples in dry shipping dewars (with maximum dimensions of 700mm x 500mm x 500mm) and/or a related and reasonably sized toolbox from my home lab in the United Kingdom, or European Union to the Experimental Hall Coordinator, Diamond Light Source, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 ODE.


  • When using Diamond’s DHL account, I will only place orders with DHL from within ISPyB/SynchWeb interface and I will not send more than two dry shipping dewars per shift. 


  • I will only use the DHL Domestic Express ‘End of Next Possible Day’ service and I will ensure that the total cost for any single shipment does not exceed £500 (five hundred pounds). 



  •  I will use Diamond dewar identification numbers in all correspondence with Diamond relating to my dry shipping dewars.


  • I will keep the Diamond DHL account number and password/PIN confidential and will not disclose either to third parties.


  •  I understand that use of Diamond’s DHL account is entirely at my own risk and that Diamond makes no representations or warranties of any kind (express or implied) about the reliability or availability of the DHL service. Any reliance that I place on the DHL service is strictly at my own risk. It is my responsibility to ensure that samples arrive at Diamond in advance of any beamtime that Diamond may have awarded me.


  •  I hereby indemnify and hold Diamond harmless for any loss or damage arising out of my failure to comply with these terms and conditions, the DHL Express Terms and Conditions of Carriage or any applicable laws or regulations related to the use of Diamond’s DHL account.


  • I understand that failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in Diamond terminating my use of Diamond’s DHL account and I will be liable for any expense, loss or damage (including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage) which may arise from such failure.





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