Joshua Lobo


Joshua Lobo is a Data Analysis Scientist at eBIC.  He joined eBIC in June 2018.


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About -
I earned my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from the University of Pune, India. I later pursued graduate school completing my Master’s in Biomedical Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond VA, USA). Here I worked under the guidance of Dr. Montserrat Samso on the structure of Ryanodine receptor using cryoEM, Single Particle Analysis (SPA). My work in the lab focussed on studying image-processing as well as designing processing workflows, data management and maintaining computing infrastructure. I later joined the University of Minnesota and worked in a cryoEM core where I setup image-processing infrastructure, performed processing on multiple projects as well as taught new users how to process cryo-EM data using packages like Relion2, cryosparc, FREALIGN etc. My work at Diamond as a Data Analysis scientist will focus on process automation as well as extending the capabilities of Scipion( an image processing framework developed at I2PC ).