X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Workshop

Aug 22. till Aug 22.

X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Workshop

This event, organised as part of the 26th IUCr Congress and will be taking place in Melbourne, Australia.

The workshop will provide an introduction to X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy principles and techniques for crystallographers with tutorials and hand-on-training session on data analysis.

The talks will be delivered by experienced XAFS professionals from all over the world and will include basic principles of the technique, basic and advanced data analysis techniques and examples of application of XAFS technique in several cutting-edge research areas of physical science, material and chemical sciences.

22/08/20232023-08-22 - 22/08/20232023-08-22
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre - Room 220
Registration (via IUCr 2023 Congress website)


  • Prof Christopher Chantler - University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • Dr Diego Gianolio - Diamond Light Source (United Kingdom)
  • Prof Federico Boscherini - University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Dr Giuliana Aquilanti - Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy)
  • Dr Valérie Briois - SOLEIL (France)
  • Dr Xiaoyi Zhang - Argonne National Laboratory (USA)
  • Dr Matthew Newville - Advanced Photon Source (USA)
  • Dr Dibyendu Bhattacharyya (BARC, India)


  • Dr Dibyendu Bhattacharyya (BARC, India)
  • Dr Sofia Diaz-Moreno (Diamond Light Source, UK)
  • Dr Giuliana Aquilanti (Elettra, Italy)
  • Dr Christopher Chantler (Melbourne University, Australia)


You can register for the X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Workshop via the 26th IUCr Congress website.



IUCr Young and Early Career Scientists Awards

Thank you to the generous support of the International Union of Crystallography, the XAFS Workshop organising committee is committed to support students and early career scientists attendance to the event.

Application for the IUCr Young and Early Career Scientists Awards are open to graduate students, post-graduate students or post-doctoral fellows with a maximum age of 30 (exceptionally 35). Participants outside this age group may be considered. Early Career scientists are eligible to receive awards provided they are graduate students, post-graduate students, post-doctoral fellows or within five (5) years of receiving a graduate degree.


Key Dates:

  • Applications will be open until the end of Monday 3rd July 2023 (BST).
  • Applicants will be informed on the outcome of their submission on the week commencing Monday 10th July 2023.

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  • The XAFS 2023 workshop registrations: please contact the IUCr 2023 Congress Organisers.
  • The XAFS 2023 IUCr Young and Early Career Scientists Awards: please contact the Q2XAFS organising committee via Diamond Events.

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