Live Family Webinar - Technical Safety: Managing Risk and Protecting People

Feb 16.

Live Family Webinar - Technical Safety: Managing Risk and Protecting People

Diamond Light Source would like to invite you to our next Live Family Webinar 'Technical Safety: Managing Risk and Protecting People’ on Wednesday 16th February at 4:00pm.

Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK
Functional Safety at Diamond. Copyright of Diamond Light Source Ltd.
Functional Safety at Diamond. Copyright of Diamond Light Source Ltd.

We would like to invite you to the next instalment of our family webinar series, a Live Family Webinar ‘Technical Safety: Managing Risk and Protecting People' on Wednesday 16th February at 16:00pm. Everyone is welcome to tune in as this webinar is specifically aimed at a general audience and no previous knowledge is required. As always you will get the opportunity to ask our experts any questions you might have. You can catch up with our previous webinars on our website here.

** Safety at Diamond is hugely important, whether it is protecting us from the equipment, or the equipment from us! You may not always be aware of it, but as we go about our daily lives, safety professionals often look after us without us even realising. We rely on them to keep us safe, and their roles are crucial for the creation of a safe and secure workplace. As part of its endeavour to be a leading-edge scientific research facility, the board of Diamond Light Source considers the effective management of safety to be of prime importance. This week we will be exploring functional safety at Diamond. Functional safety is the part of the overall safety of the facility and equipment that depends on the correct functioning of safety-related systems and other risk reduction measures, such as safety instrumented systems (SIS), alarm systems and control systems.**

Amy and David from our Public Engagement team will be joined by Matthew Woodward, one of the Engineers at Diamond. Matthew will talk us through the concept of functional safety, highlighting some potential dangers at Diamond and how we protect people from them. Matthew will answer any questions you have about functional safety, and as always Amy and David will be on hand to answer any questions about Diamond in general.

Tune in on Wednesday 16th February via Zoom (please note: attendees will be not be visible during the webinar). To receive the joining link please register for the webinar via the link below. Once registered you will receive an email with the joining instructions. On Wednesday all you have to do is click on the link in the email and you will be taken straight to the webinar.

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