Cryo Electron Microscopy in Structural Biology DTP Course

Aug 16. till Aug 19.

Cryo Electron Microscopy in Structural Biology DTP Course

This course will provide fundamental lectures and practical demonstrations in cryo-EM, from sample preparation and the electron microscope, through to image formation and processing, reconstruction in SPA and cryo-ET, and model building.

This is a hybrid event targeted primarily at Oxford Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Program (WT DTP) students, but lectures will be made open to the wider community via Zoom and a limited number of in-person places for the lectures are also available. Practical sessions covering sample preparation, cryo-EM screening, SPA data collection and cryo-ET are in-person and limited to first year Oxford Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Program (WT DTP) students.

16/08/20222022-08-16 - 19/08/20222022-08-19
Diamond House, Diamond Light Source and online via Zoom
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There is no fee to attend this course. Lectures will be delivered in-person and virtually. The in-person practical demonstrations are open to 1st Year Oxford Wellcome Trust DTP students only.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited space, in-person tickets are reserved for 1st Year Oxford Wellcome DTP Students and Harwell Campus attendees only.

Registration will close on Wednesday 3rd August 2022 at 17:00 BST (UK time).


Once registered, you will recieve all final event details by Wednesday 11th August 2022. 


Click the button below to download a version of the draft programme (please note timings are subject to change):


Please find an overview of speakers and sessions below:

Day 1: Tuesday, August 16th 2022

Lecture 1: Why cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM)? – Kyle Morris (eBIC)
Lecture 2: The electron microscope – Karen Davies (eBIC)
Lecture 3: Sample preparation – Dimple Karia (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Practical 1: Cryogenic sample preparation for cryo-EM – Peter Harrison (eBIC)

Day 2: Wednesday, August 17th 2022

Lecture 4: Image formation – Dan Clare (eBIC)
Lecture 5: Image processing – Colin Palmer (CCP-EM)
Lecture 6: From 2D images to 3D density maps in SPA – Yuriy Chaban (eBIC)
Practical 2: Screening samples in cryo-EM – Peter Harrison (eBIC)

Day 3: Thursday, August 18th 2022

Lecture 7: From 2D images to 3D density maps in cryo-ET – Lindsay Baker (Oxford)
Lecture 8: Averaging and reconstructing 3D maps in cryo-ET – Pranav Shah (Oxford)
Lecture 9: Fitting and building of atomic models – Agnel-Praveen Joseph (CCP-EM)
Practical 3: Single-Particle Averaging data collection demonstration – Vinod Vogirala (eBIC)

Day 4: Friday, August 19th 2022

Practical 4: Cryo-ET data collection demonstration – Davide Zabeo (eBIC)

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