Apr 04. till Apr 05.


The 4th workshop dedicated to adaptive and active X-ray & XUV optics

04/04/20112011-04-04 - 05/04/20112011-04-05
Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

Diamond  hosted the 4th international workshop on Adaptive and Active X-ray & XUV Optics (ACTOP11). Adaptive / active optics are an essential tool for exploiting the full potential of synchrotron and free electron laser sources, especially for challenging applications including nanofocusing, coherence and wavefront preservation, and lens-less diffraction imaging.

The two-day workshop was an ideal forum for scientists and engineers from synchrotrons and industry around the world to exchange ideas on the latest advances in adaptive and active optics, and discuss future requirements and challenges. Many topics were covered during talks and poster sessions, including: X-ray beam shaping and wavefront optimisation; recent advances in optical fabrication and control technology; and state-of-the-art metrology instruments required to characterise adaptive/active optics.

“With increasing interest in adaptive and active optics, it was quite an honour for the international scientific organising committee to allow Diamond to host the 4th ACTOP,” says Dr Kawal Sawhney, Optics Group Leader at Diamond and convener for the committee. “Diamond’s optics programme is very active so we were keen to welcome the community to our Optics and Metrology labs.”

“The event was a great success, with over 70 delegates and a busy industrial exhibition,” says Dr Simon Alcock, Senior Metrology Scientist at Diamond and member of the local organising committee. “The adaptive/ active optics field is made up of a number of disparate technologies, which we at Diamond are combining to produce novel optics and instruments. Such innovation will really help Diamond’s existing and future beamlines to attain full performance and world leading status.”

The 5th ACTOP workshop will be held in 2012 at the new Spanish synchrotron, ALBA, near Barcelona.