2nd Nonlinear Beam Dynamics Workshop

Nov 02. till Nov 04.

2nd Nonlinear Beam Dynamics Workshop

The aim of the workshop was to review the progress made on the theoretical and experimental aspect of nonlinear beam dynamics and on sharing information on the most recent activity at the various storage rings.

02/11/20092009-11-02 - 04/11/20092009-11-04
Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

John Adams Institute logo2nd Workshop on Nonlinear Beam Dynamics in Storage Rings, November 2nd-4th, 2009

Nonlinear beam dynamics is a crucial topic in the design and operation of storage rings. The nonlinear model of the storage ring is the result of a long and complicated optimisation procedure, based both on analytical and numerical tools, with the aim of providing sufficient dynamic aperture, lifetime, injection efficiency and beam loss control. These issues are equally crucial in electron and proton machines.

Diamond and the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science at the University of Oxford hosted the 2nd nonlinear beam dynamics workshop. The aim of the workshop was to review the progress made on the theoretical and experimental aspect of nonlinear beam dynamics and on sharing information on the most recent activity at the various storage rings.

Location: Diamond Light Source
Date: 02-04/11/2009


Monday 2nd November:

8.30-9.15: Registration and refreshment
9.15-9.30: Welcome and objectives of the workshop

Session 1: Theory and codes (chair M. Borland - APS)
9.30-10.10: J. Laskar (IMCCE): Solar system and particle accelerators stability: a tribute to Jurgen Moser (1928-1999)
10.10-10.40: D. Einfeld (ALBA): Summary of code comparison
10.40-11.10: J. Bengtsson (NSLS-II): An analytic method to determine the dynamic aperture
11.30-12.00 L. H. Yu (NSLS-II): Linear algebraic method for nonlinear map analysis
12.00 -12.30 F. Schmidt (CERN): Dynamic aperture in large proton accelerators: Why we have to track!

Session 2: Numerical optimization and strategies for machine design (chair L. Nadolski - SOLEIL)
14.00-14.30: W. Guo (NSLS-II): Implementation of a third chromatic knob for the NSLS-II lattice
14.30-15.00: M. Borland (APS): Applications of direct optimization of storage ring dynamic and momentum apertures
15.00-15.30: Y. Shimosaki (JASRI-Spring8): Nonlinear resonance analysis for correction of off momentum dynamic aperture
15.50-16.10: Z. Marti (ALBA): Effect of the measured high order multipoles in ALBA
16.10-16.30: C.C. Kuo (TPS): TPS nonlinear optimization work
16.30-16.50: F. Antoniou (CERN): Non-linear optimization of the CLIC pre-damping rings

Tuesday 3rd November:

9.00-9.30: D. Robin (ALS): machine optimization coupled with pulsed multipole injection
9.30-9.50: A. Sargsyan (Candle): Transverse decoherence due to Amplitude-Energy Tune Shift
9.50-10.10: A.Bogomyagkov (BINP): Nonlinear optics of the final focus for a collider with crab waist collision scheme
10.10-10.30: A. Saa Hernandez (GSI): Slow extraction simulations for the superconducting synchrotron SIS300 at FAIR

Session 3.1: Experiments (chair L. Farvacque - ESRF)
10.30-11.00 R. Bartolini (Diamond): Machine to model calibration at Diamond
11.20-11.50 A. Nadji (SOLEIL): Beam Dynamics Studies at SOLEIL using experimental frequency Map Analysis
11.50-12.10: M. Aiba (PSI): First test of nonlinear optics measurement at SOLEIL with turn-by-turn BPM
12.10-12.40: P.Piminov (BINP): Experimental study of the nonlinear resonance crossing at VEPP- 4M
14.00-14.30: L. Nadolski (SOLEIL): The progress for the linear and nonlinear model of the storage ring lattice

Session 4: Insertion devices and technology (chair P. Kuske BESSY-II)
14.30-15.00: A. Kling (PETRA-III): Review of NLBD studies with damping wigglers at Petra-III

15.00-15.20: P. Chang (NSRRC): ID Modeling by Symplectic Mapping in Systems with 3D Magnetic Fields
15.40-16.10 P. Kuske (BESSY-II): Review of IDs studies at BESSY-II
16.10-16.40 G. Rehm (Diamond): Turn-by-turn measurements at diamond
16.40-17.00 R. Hrovatin (I-Tech): Tools for turn by turn data acquisition

Wednesday 4th November:

Session 3.2: Experiments (chair L. Farvacque - ESRF)
9.00-9.25: L. Dallin (CLS): Optimization and measurments of nonlinear beam dynamics at CLS
9.25-9.50: A. Streun (SLS): Nonlinear beam dynamics work at SLS
9.50-10.15: S. Tian (SSRF)*: Studies and plans on nonlinear beam dynamics of the SSRF storage ring
10.15-10.40: A. Andersson (MAX-IV): Optimisation of the MAX-IV storage ring
10.40-11.00: G. Franchetti (GSI): The effect on space charge on synchrotrons nonlinear dynamics

*Slides sent to workshop

Session 5: Low-alpha lattices (chair A. Streun SLS)


Workshop steering committee:
R. Bartolini (Diamond and John Adams Institute)
D. Einfeld (ALBA)
P. Elleaume (ESRF)
S. Krinsky (NLSL-II)
P. Kuske(BESSY-II)
A. Nadji (SESAME and SOLEIL)
D. Robin (ALS)
F. Schmidt (CERN)

If you have any enquiries about the content of the workshop please contact riccardo.bartolini@diamond.ac.uk. Please direct any questions about the logistics to emma.medlock@diamond.ac.uk.

Delegate List

Alexander Kling, DESY
Les Dallin, Canadian Light Source
Frank Schmidt, CERN
Shun-Qiang Tian, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Samuel Krinsky, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Wen-Zhi Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Li Hua Yu, BNL
Eugene Levichev, Budker INP
Anton Bogomyagkov, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Pavel Piminov, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Kai Hock, Cockcroft Institute
Michael Borland, Argonne National Lab - Advanced Photon Source
Dieter Einfeld, CELLS-ALBA
Marc Munoz, CELLS-ALBA
Zeus Marti, CELLS
Weiming Guo, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Yoshito Shimosaki, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI / SPring-8)
Vadim Sajaev, ANL
Ximenes Resende, LNLS
Peter Kuske, BESSY/HZB
Laurent Farvacque, ESRF
Laurent Nadolski, Synchrotron SOLEIL
Amor Nadji, SOLEIL
Marie-Agnes Tordeux, Synchrotron SOLEIL
Diego Obradors, CIEMAT
Chin-Cheng Kuo, NSRRC
Ho-Ping Chang, NSRRC
Artsrun Sargsyan, CANDLE Research Institute
Andrea Franchi, ESRF
David Robin, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Susanne Mueller, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Andreas Streun, PSI
Masamitsu Aiba, Paul Scherrer Institut
David Kelliher, STFC/ASTeC/RAL
Riccardo Bartolini, Diamond and JAI
Guenther Rehm, Diamond Light Source
Ian Martin, Diamond Light Source
Boaz Nash, ESRF
Emily Longhi, Diamond Light Source
Louis Emery, Argonne National Laboratory
Marit Klein, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Fanouria, Antoniou PhD student / CERN, NTUA
Angela Saa Hernandez, GSI
Jacques Laskar, Paris Observatory
Stephen Molloy, JAI at Royal Holloway
Giuliano Franchetti, GSI
Johan Bengtsson, BNL
Borut Solar, I-Tech
Rok Hrovatin, I-Tech
James Rowland, Diamond Light Source