EXAFS is Back

Jun 22. till Jun 23.

EXAFS is Back

A workshop on the three X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy beamlines that will all be up and running by April 2010.

22/06/20092009-06-22T15:41:06 - 23/06/20092009-06-23T15:41:06
15:41 - 15:41
Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

We are pleased to announce a workshop on the three X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy beamlines that will all be up and running by April 2010.

The workshop will concentrate on some of the new or revived experimental techniques that will be available at Diamond. The programme includes presentations from expert practitioners of Dispersive EXAFS, Secondary spectroscopy and XAS combined with other techniques. It also includes invited speakers talking about the current state of X-ray absorption in selected fields.

The other key feature is the opportunity for you to tell us in brief what you want to do on our beamlines. We will have two sessions with up to five minutes allocated for each speaker, where you can present your ideas for XAS experiments at Diamond. The Diamond spectroscopy group will then lead discussions on ways ahead.

The meeting is aimed at those scientists intending to lead beamline proposals on the three beamlines but is not limited to this alone.

The meeting has no registration fee and dinner on the 22nd June and lunch on the 23rd June will be provided at no charge. Attendees will have to pay for their own travel and accommodation. Some accommodation will be available in Ridgeway House on site.


Monday 22 June

13.00 Tea and coffee available
14.00 Meeting Introduction. Fred Mosselmans (DLS)
14.10 XAFS facilities at Diamond. Andy Dent (DLS)
New Techniques to the UK: X-ray emission spectroscopy
15.00 What X-ray emission spectroscopy can do for EXAFS: Pieter Glatzel (ESRF)
15.30 Development of XES Techniques for Catalysis Research: Moniek Tromp (University of Southampton)
16.00 Tea break
Renewed Techniques in the UK. Session: 1 XAFS combined with other techniques.
16.20 An eye on the inside: A Combined Time-resolved in situ SR study into the formation of microporous aluminophosphate formation, Andy Beale (University of Utrecht)
16.50 Simultaneous Raman-X-ray diffraction /absorption studies of solid state transitions and reactions at non ambient conditions, Wouter van Beek (SNBL, ESRF)
17.20 5 minute presentations on what I want to do using XAS at Diamond.
18.20 Feedback and discussion led by the Diamond team
18.50 I18 microfocus spectroscopy: the beamline from a user perspective discussion
19.30 Coach leaves for dinner at Cosener's House

Tuesday 23 June
9.15 Tour of the Diamond XAS beamlines
Renewed XAS Techniques in the UK: Dispersive EXAFS
10.00 Measuring the deformation of simple molecules under high pressure, Alfonso San Miguel (Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and CNRS)
10.30 Applications and challenges of energy dispersive EXAFS of fuel cell electrodes, Andrea Russell (University of Southampton)
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy applied to structurally disordered systems, Daniel Bowron (ISIS,STFC)
12.00 XAFS in the study of Functional Transition-Metal Oxide Materials: Crystallisation and Reactivity, Richard Walton (University of Warwick)
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Recent Advances in XAFS for biological sciences, Wolfram Meyer Klaucke (EMBL, Hamburg)
14.00 Atomic structure and magnetism: recent advances of XAFS, Carlo Menenghini (Università di Roma TRE)
14.30 XAFS and automation: Sven Schroeder (University of Manchester)
15.00 Tea break
15.20 5 minute presentations on what I want to do in XAS at Diamond.
16.10 Feedback on the 5 minute presentations by the Diamond team and open session
16:45 Close