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Job Title Postdoctoral Research Assistant- BLI05
Job Reference DIA0704/CG
Post Type
Division Science
Salary information Circa £33k
Application deadline 06/05/2012

Job Description

Diamond Light Source is a synchrotron light source and a leading scientific facility of its type in the world. Located on the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in South Oxfordshire, we host research facilities supporting cutting edge research in all fields of science.

Beamline I05-ARPES is presently under construction and is scheduled to have its first user experiment in August 2013. It will provide a high-resolution VUV beam (1-2 meV ultimate energy resolution) in the range of 18 – 240 eV, variable polarization and high photon flux from a long undulator. Angle-resolved photoemission from solid samples is performed using a state-of-the-art spectrometer from samples held in ultrahigh vacuum on a six-axis variable temperature goniometer. A second branch of the beamline will allow nano-focussing of the VUV light to less than 100 nm spatial resolution with angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy combined with scanning microscopy.

We are seeking a highly motivated scientist to perform experiments on the beamline or similar facilities and prepare software for the visualisation and analysis of the data for their own research as well as for use by the academic users of beamline I05-ARPES. The successful applicant is expected to have experience in developing software for data analysis as well as having experience in electron spectroscopy experiments. 

Working with the ARPES beamline team in the following areas:
• prepare and develop software for ARPES data visualisation and analysis for use by external users of the beamline;
• perform experiments on the HR-ARPES end station both with synchrotron radiation and with a He lamp;
• analyse ARPES data using the tools that are shared with external users and thus commission the software;
• testing and commissioning of the HR-ARPES end station equipment;
• presentation of the in-house research, beamline developments and scientific papers at meetings and conferences

Qualification & Experience - Essential

  •  Ability and initiative to get to the heart of the problem and take it effectively through to completion;
  •  Good interpersonal, communication and presentational skills;
  •  Good organisational and planning skills;
  •  Ability to interact effectively with staff at all levels;
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Self motivation;
  •  Must be available to travel occasionally within the UK and abroad, including overnight absences; 
  • Experience of ultrahigh vacuum methods for surface science studies using electron spectroscopy;
  • Experience or knowledge of relevant research topics in solid state physics or surface science;
  • Experience in Windows/Linux/Unix;


  •  Appropriate first degree;
  •  PhD.

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

• Experience or knowledge high resolution ARPES from crystalline solids;
• Experience of data analysis software using tools that are relevant for ARPES data analysis;
• Experience of synchrotrons / x-ray beamlines;
• Experience of programming.

Further Information

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