Beamline Scientist/ Senior Beamline Scientistt

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Job Title Beamline Scientist/ Senior Beamline Scientist
Job Reference DIA0701/CG
Post Type
Division Science
Salary information £33K or £42K
Application deadline 17/04/2012

Job Description

We require an experienced scientist to join the hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline, I14. Beamline I14 aims to provide two distinct facilities. The first is a scanning hard x-ray nanoprobe providing beam sizes down to 30nm. The second is a small angle scattering facility providing beam sizes from 100nm to 1nm. The beamline activities will cover many scientific disciplines from earth and environmental science to biological sciences and materials science. Candidates should have appropriate qualifications and experience of x-ray measurement using synchrotrons. You will play a leading role in the design and operation of the beamline working closely with the beamline users. Experience of synchrotron radiation research and instrumentation is essential along with experience in one or more of the following areas: x-ray absorption spectroscopy/x-ray fluorescence, x-ray microscopy (micro- diffraction/ diffraction imaging techniques/ ptychography and small angle scattering.

To support the Principal Beamline Scientist in the design, construction, installation, commissioning and operation of the beamline.

  • Installation, assembly and maintenance of a range of equipment and systems on the beamline and support laboratories, including testing and commissioning;
  • Procurement of straightforward beamline components;
  • Liaise with the suppliers of the beamline components;
  • Local contact support to users by setting up and providing advice and guidance on the best approach to experiments, data analysis and research techniques once beamline operational;
  • Carry out own research in an area relevant to the beamline and disseminate through publications and presentations;
  • Assist in the development of a new item of equipment or system on the beamline including testing and commissioning;

Additional duties for appointment at Senior level:

To lead the design, procurement, testing, installation and commissioning of particular significant items for the beamline or instrumentation which would enhance or improve its capability:

  • Procurement of significant beamline components;
  • Develop own research/technical expertise to become internationally recognised through publications and presentations for own work in an area relevant to beamline;
  • Enhance the operation of the facility by collaboration and dissemination of specialist knowledge with the other Diamond staff and users.


Qualification & Experience - Essential

  • Ability  and initiative to get to the heart of the problem and take it effectively through to completion;
  • Excellent observational skills;
  • Good interpersonal, communication and presentational skills;
  • Ability to interact effectively with staff at all levels;
  • Self motivated;
  • Ability to work as part of a multi- disciplinary team;
  • Must be available to travel occasionally in UK and overseas including overnight absences;
  • Relevant synchrotron research experience;
  • Experience of X-ray measurement using synchrotrons;
  • Knowledge of beamline instrumentation;
  • Experience in one or more of the following areas: experience in x-ray microscopy techniques, experience in small angle scattering (SAXS), experience in x-ray absorption spectroscopy or experience in XRF analysis.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop a research program and successful scientific publication record (essential for appointment at the higher level);
  • Experience of beamline design and construction (significant experience, essential for appointment at the higher level);
  • Experience of managing a beamline for users (essential for appointment at the higher level);
  • Project management experience (essential for appointment at the higher lever)
  • Ability to manage a small team (essential for appointment at the higher level)
  • Appropriate first degree or equivalent qualification
  • Second degree in appropriate subject

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

  • Programming skills in Python and Java;
  • Demonstrated ability to develop a research program and successful scientific publication record;
  • Experience of beamline design and construction;
  • Experience of managing a beamline for users;
  • Project management experience;
  • Ability to manage a team

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