Computer Systems Administrator(s)

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Job Title Computer Systems Administrator(s)
Job Reference DIA0641/SB
Post Type
Division Technical
Salary information Circa £33k
Application deadline 16/10/2011

Job Description

The Diamond Synchrotron Light source is the largest scientific facility to be built in the UK for over thirty years. The facility consists of three accelerators which provide high brightness photon beams through beamlines to experiment stations.  Diamond is now operational with an initial complement of experiment stations and a further ten in design and construction. 

The Diamond photon beamline and experiment stations use a range of computer systems, for experiment control, data acquisition, data analysis and data storage. These are predominantly x86 based PCs, running the Linux and Windows operating systems. Local to each beamline and experiment station are servers and workstations core to supporting the science on that beamline and, in addition, there are large central computation clusters and storage servers.  The availability of these systems is core to the operation of Diamond Light Source, and they are managed by a dedicated Scientific Computing Systems Administration Team.

We currently have two vacancies within the Scientific Systems Administration Team:

Position 1

This position’s role is to work in this team to develop, commission and support the operation of computer systems at Diamond, with a strong emphasis on supporting Microsoft Windows operating systems controlling hardware on the Diamond photon beamlines. Diamond has a large number of high performance detectors and other hardware running under various flavours of the Windows operating system, and we have a need to continually develop these systems to accommodate changing beamline requirements.

Position 2

This position’s overall role is to work in this team to develop, commission and support the operation of computer systems at Diamond, with a very strong emphasis on high availability and high performance storage.  This role is also being advertised at a higher level (please see DIA640/SB)

Qualification & Experience - Essential

• Relevant experience in Systems administration
• Knowledge and experience of system security
• Knowledge and experience with Scripting Languages
• Understanding of requirement and realization of effective computer systems administration
• Operating in mixed Unix and Windows environment
• Knowledge of UNIX-like operating systems and their administration
• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
• Able to solve technical problems, evaluating alternative courses of action and innovating where necessary
• Demonstrate self-motivation and a willingness to take responsibility
• Able to work as part of a team
• Demonstrate ability to work effectively alone and without direct supervision

For Position 1:
• Knowledge and experience of administration of Microsoft Windows operating systems
• Experience in supporting Windows bench-top systems controlling hardware in a, for example, a research or industrial environment

For Position 2:
• Knowledge and experience of storage systems serving both Windows and Linux systems
• Knowledge and experience of system provisioning tools, design and implementation

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

• Honours degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer science or Equivalent other degree
• Completion of a recognised Windows Systems Administration certification (Microsoft Systems Certified Engineer)
• Completion of a recognised Linux Professional Institute certification, Certified Solaris Administrator or similar
• Experience of working with scientists in a scientific facility
• Demonstrate an understanding of staff supervision
• Demonstrate an understanding of project planning and management

Further Information

• Be willing to work overtime at unsociable hours as required
• Be willing to travel in the UK and abroad, including occasional periods away from home
• Be prepared to undertake further training

Applying for employment

For further details on applying for employment at Diamond, please visit our 'Application Form' page.

Appointments will be made depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. Electronic Diamond application forms in MS-Word are preferred. These should be emailed to

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