Software Systems Engineer

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Job Title Software Systems Engineer - Photon Beamlines
Job Reference DIA0564/SB
Post Type
Division Technical
Salary information £28,000 - £39,000 (depending on skills, qualifications and experience)
Application deadline 07/01/2011

Job Description

The Diamond synchrotron light source is the largest scientific facility to be built in the UK for over thirty years. The facility is based around a 561 meter circumference electron storage ring which provides ultra high brightness photon beams to experimental stations.  Diamond is now operational with an initial complement of 16 experimental stations and a further 6 in design and construction. Funding was recently announced for a further ten beamlines and experimental stations

Photon beamlines are required to deliver ultra stable x-ray beams from the Diamond storage ring to the experimental samples.  They require extensive control of x-ray optical components and other instrumentation to control the photon beam profile and position.

Control systems for the photon beamlines are realised as a distributed, heterogeneous computing environment, using embedded systems for direct control of the x-ray optical components and other instrumentation, together with Linux workstations for the operator interfaces. Most of the embedded applications are coded in C or built using the EPICS control system toolkit, and the Linux applications use a combination of C, Java and scripting languages.

As a Software Systems Engineer working on the photon beamlines your task will be to work closely with a team of scientists and engineers to specify and develop software to deliver ultra stable x-ray beams from the Diamond storage ring to the experimental sample. 

• Design and develop the Control System of one or more photon beamlines
• Commission and diagnose faults in installed Control Systems.
• Provide operational support and analysis of installed Control Systems
• Interface with internal customers, including Engineers and Scientists, at all stages of the development life cycle to, for example, develop requirements, track project progress, and verify operation of Control Systems
• Contribute to the processes and associated software development to support the design of Control Systems throughout Diamond.
• Report on progress in all areas on a periodic basis.
• Support of contractors and suppliers of turn key Control Systems.
• Maintain and develop technical expertise in software development
• Maintain a current knowledge of the Control Systems on other, comparable, beamline and accelerator projects.

Qualification & Experience - Essential

• Honours degree in physics, electronic engineering, computer science or equivalent other degree, BTEC HNC/HND plus relevant experience.
• Relevant experience in the software design and/or programming of industrial or scientific systems.
• Knowledge and experience in programming in C.
• Experience in developing software in a real time distributed control environment.
• Knowledge and experience of developing in a Unix environment
• Knowledge and experience of developing with a source code control and structured release environment.
• Experience of using software testing and debugging tools effectively and developing automated test harnesses.
• Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively, both orally and written.
• Ability to solve technical problems, evaluating alternative courses of action and innovating where necessary.
• Demonstrate self-motivation and a willingness to take responsibility. 
• Demonstrate ability to work as part of a team.
• Demonstrate ability to work effectively alone and without direct supervision
• Be willing to work overtime at unsociable hours as required.
• Be willing to travel in the UK and abroad, including occasional periods away from home.
• Be prepared to undertake further training. 

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

• Knowledge and experience of embedded systems.
• Knowledge and experience of Linux on PC’s.
• Knowledge and experience with Scripting Languages.
• Knowledge of Motion control.
• Knowledge of networking.
• Knowledge and experience in programming in Java.
• Demonstrate an understanding of staff supervision. 
• Demonstrate an understanding of project planning and management

Further Information

• Be willing to work overtime at unsociable hours as required;
• Be willing to travel in the UK and abroad, including occasional periods away from home.

Applying for employment

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Appointments will be made depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. Electronic Diamond application forms in MS-Word are preferred. These should be emailed to

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