Senior Detector Software Engineer

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Job Title Senior Detector Software Engineer
Job Reference 028/18/TH
Post Type Full time / permanent
Division Physical Science
Salary information £42,297 to £49,761(Discretionary range to £57,225)
Application deadline 15/04/2018

Job Description

The detector group is in charge of the construction, installation, commissioning, and operation of the detector systems of the beamlines of Diamond. In order to provide the best detectors the group is committed to a number of detector evaluation and development projects.

The availability of a test beamline at Diamond allows the detector group to evaluate the performance of innovating detector technologies and their application to synchrotron X-ray experiments. Close cooperation with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory enables access to other world-class facilities as well as the interaction with world-leading detector developers.

The successful candidate will join a highly dynamic group working at the cutting edge of detector technology. The main responsibility of the successful candidate will be the maintenance and further development of detector systems from the point of view of the IT equipment that is associated with such systems. In particular the successful candidate will work on the basic control and data acquisition software of the detector systems developed by the detector group. 

Guide and support the Detector Group to undertake specification, procurement, test, installation and commissioning of detector systems from the detector underlying software point of view. To lead detector underlying software developments in the framework of the detector development programme of the detector group.

  • Work closely with the Diamond software support groups and other Diamond staff, with STFC staff, and external contractors where relevant, to ensure the aims of the Detector Group are met;
  1. Enable detector software integration with existing Diamond software and IT systems to ensure successful delivery of detector systems on Beamlines;
  • Provide professional leadership to the construction, assembly, test, installation, commissioning, and operation of detector systems as far as the detector underlying software is concerned, including:
  1. Advising on appropriate maintenance;
  2. Routine maintenance of detectors installed on beam lines;
  3. Help with the diagnostic tests of detectors also by producing appropriate data processing software;
  • Provide specialist professional advice to the detector group, including:
  1. Negotiate, agree, and write detector system specifications;
  2. Production of tender documents for the procurement of detector systems;
  3. Liaise with the Diamond software support groups;
  • Leadership in the delivery of significant packages of project work both in the detector development program of Diamond, and in the evaluation and procurement of commercial detectors;
  • Contribute to the success of Diamond as an organization by staying abreast with the latest developments in the software for radiation detectors at international level and by contributing with world-class software developments within the framework of the detector development programme of the detector group;
  • Responsibility of the maintenance of the IT equipment of the detector group;
  • Represent Diamond at international meetings;
  • May lead and manage junior staff.

Qualification & Experience - Essential

  • Degree in IT engineering, computer science, electronics engineering, physics or equivalent qualification;
  • Delivery of significant software developments for scientific research;
  • Working experience with modern software development tools and practices;
  • Knowledge of the data acquisition principles (data channel from the detector head to the data acquisition server);
  • Knowledge of network protocols;
  • Working experience in a scientific environment (e.g. large scientific facilities, government or university labs, international labs);
  • Capability of programming effectively in C and C++;
  • Capability of developing software packages under Linux and Windows operating systems;
  • Good interpersonal, communication and presentational skills;
  • Ability to interact effectively with staff at all levels;
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Self motivated.

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

  • Higher degree (e.g. MSc, PhD) in a relevant field;
  • Knowledge of EPICS;
  • Experience in developing data acquisition systems for radiation detectors or remote sensing;
  • Knowledge of the working principles of radiation detectors;
  • Understanding of modern software development methodologies.

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