Brian Willis


Brian Willis is a Senior Detector Engineer in the Detector Group, and joined Diamond in 2006.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778553

Key Research Area

  1. Research Expertise
  2. Biography
Research Expertise -

Main recent projects completed and in progress.

  • The development of novel beam stop X ray detectors
  • Wide range radiation monitoring using gas filled detectors
Biography - +

Prior to Diamond, a substantial part of my research activity was gained at The Joint European Torus Nuclear Research facility.

Major personally led projects being:

  • The generation of stable frozen Deuterium pellets incorporating high power switching electronics, magnetic field interaction, cryogenic temperature control and servo control pressure rams for Deuterium extrusion”.
  • The detection of Km/S “in flight” Deuterium pellets by microwave cavity analysis.”
  • The photographic capture of fast pellets to analyse the interaction of extruder parameter control and maintenance of the mechanical integrity of propelled semi solid plasma refuelling pellets”.

The above JET activities were undertaken as a freelance and independent participant Engineer.

Previously, as Project Leader in Oxford Instruments:

  • The development of an NMR analytical detector for identifying the quantity of water content in samples. For example, contamination levels in aircraft fuel, moisture content in dried crop products for food manufacture, balance of butter content in chocolate, oil content in rapeseed and as a material detector to aid the optimal control of industrial processes. Samples held by accurate temperature control by pulsed peltier devices for above and below 0 deg. C analysis.