Dr Judy Kim


Principal EM Staff Scientist

Email: judy.kim@materials.ox.ac.uk

Key Research Area


Judy completed her undergraduate degree at Northwestern University and her PhD at the University of California, Davis working in the Dynamic TEM field to achieve the first nanosecond-nanometer scale images using an electron packet as the probe. Her work focused on the characterization of the fast phase transition behavior in reactive multilayer foils.

In June 2008 Judy joined the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford as a post-doctoral researcher works on materials characterization of 2D hexagonal materials via HRTEM focal series exit wave reconstruction. These 2D materials (such as graphene and h-BN) are an important new option for nanoscale devices and catalysis given their large surface areas and electronic properties.

Subsequently she was appointed to a Departmental Lectureship and the position of Senior Staff Scientists with responsibility for the JEOL 22200 MCO aberration corrected, monochromated instrument.

As principal staff scientist at the physical science’s electron microscopy facility Judy’s role includes management of the facility, development of the microscope, supporting users in the design, execution and analysis of experiments as well as performing her own research.

Judy’s current research involves experimental Transmission Electron Microscopy, particularly HRTEM focal series exit-wave reconstruction, in-situ HRTEM for the characterisation of ultra thin 2D materials.