Pavel Dudin


Pavel Dudin is Senior Support Scientist on I05.  Pavel joined Diamond in July 2012 after working at Sincrotrone Trieste - Elettra, Trieste, Italy.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 77 8303

Key Research Area

Key Research Area

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Current Research Interests

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Instrument science/material science.

Spatially resolved photoemission for the purposes of catalysis, surface science, fuel cells, correlated materials, 2D materials and topological insulators, superconductors, SDW/CDW materials, etc, etc.

Construction of nano-ARPES research instrument as a second branch of I05-ARPES beamline. This project aims commissioning by the end of 2015 of a word class research facility delivering to its users angle-resolved photoemission with spatial resolution.

Optimization of PGM for highest performance in energy resolution, angle resolved photoemission with high resolution in energy.

Lead construction of the new facility.


Collaborators - +


  • Sinctrotrone Trieste - Elettra, future user research and training


  •  PSI, Switzerland, design and manufacturing on non standard zone plates for VUV range



  • European Spallation Source, measurement of undulator light coherence and accounting for it's influence on the mmicro-spot focusing



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