Pilar Ferrer Escorihuela


Since November 2015 Pilar is the senior support scientist on beamline B07.
Previously, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Diamond from 2012.

Email: pilar.ferrer-escorihuela@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1235 778446

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Pilar Ferrer graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM), with a B.Sc in chemistry (2001) and Masters in Inorganic Chemistry (2005). In 2007, she was awarded a PhD in Chemistry for the synthesis, processing and electrical characterization of new layered-perovskite phases by a mechanochemical activation method.
In 2007 she joined BM25 SpLine at the ESRF as a postdoctoral researcher. She carried out the study of metal-amino acids complexes, synthesized by chemical vapor deposition, using GIXRD, SXRD and XAS synchrotron techniques. In addition, she was responsible for the multipurpose six-circle diffractometer and was involved in the scientific and technical improvements of the beamline.
In 2012 she moved to Diamond as a postdoctoral researcher at I07 and studied topological insulators, metallic surfaces and interfaces with interesting crystallographic structures and/or electronic/magnetic properties, using SXRD. She became the senior support scientist on beamline B07 in November 2015.

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