Katia Wehbe


Dr Katia Wehbe is a Senior Support Scientist on B22, specifically supporting the biological / biomedical experiments on the beamline. Right after graduation from the University of Bordeaux in 2008 she joined Diamond to set up the cell culture laboratory and maintain its operation along with the beamline's peripheral labs.

Email: katia.wehbe@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778498

Key Research Area

Key Research Area

 IR Microspectroscopy for Life Sciences and Biomedical applications.
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Research Expertise -
Research expertise
I have a multi-disciplinary expertise in biology (biological/medical sample preparation, cell culture, microtomy, immunohistochemistry, immuno-fluorescence, medical laboratory work from previous experience) and in IR techniques (IR spectroscopy / imaging including data collection and analysis in OPUS, Cytospec, Unscrambler softwares) which allows me to provide support to the beamline users and give advice on the best approach for sample preparation, IR data analysis and other research techniques to get the best results from their experiments.
Scientific interest
Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy/imaging allows for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the basic components of biological tissues. This technique is quickly approaching its utility as a tool for molecular histopathology by detecting subtle chemical changes in human tissue samples. It has been used to image normal and cancer cells and has proven its potential to be implemented as a new diagnostic tool for early indications of cancer. The use of high brilliant synchrotron radiation (SR) clearly improved IR measurements on small sample structures with a signal-to-noise ratio unreachable by conventional sources.
 Current research interests
  • I am particularly interested in glioma brain tumor vascularisation analysis by IR spectroscopy and continuing a collaboration with University of Bordeaux on the subject. Applying FTIR micro-spectroscopy using SR source for the examination of glioblastoma vascularisation could provide detailed spectral analysis on small features like micro blood vessels in view of helping to determine any specific biomolecular markers of these angiogenic tumors.
  • I am also interested in analysing fixed and living cells using the SRIR microspectroscopy to determine the best approach and optimal conditions for cells during the measurement within different environments (using microfluidic devices in static and flow mode, also temperature controlled).
  • I am involved in the beamline developing projects requiring the highest diffraction limited spatial resolution in IR microscopy/imaging and the signal-to noise improvement allowed by SR on micrometric scale (e.g. Use of FPA and SR, micro-ATR techniques…).


Collaborations - +

Main collaborations

  • University of Bordeaux (Dr. Isabelle Forfar) and the pathology department of Bordeaux University Hospital (Dr. Sandrine Eimer) for the brain tumor vascularisation research.


  • University of Verona (Dr. Giuseppe Bellisola and Dr. Claudio Sorio) on drug response in leukemic cells and cancer tissue screening.


  • University of Reims (Pr. Ganesh Sockalingum) for collagen and ageing studies.

I am also involved in many other collaborations in the life science research projects using the MIRIAM beamline.


Publications - +

Selected Publications

  • Katia Wehbe, Adrian Travo, Sandrine Eimer, Gianfelice Cinque, Emmanuelle Barron,Gérard Déléris and Isabelle Forfar. Investigation of blood vessels in glioblastoma at a micrometric scale: a comparative study by synchrotron and conventional micro-FTIR. Analytical Methods, 2013, 5 (24), 6925-6932,DOI: 10.1039/C3AY41449C.
  • Giuseppe Bellisola, Gianfelice Cinque, Marzia Vezzalini, Elisabetta Moratti, Giovannino Silvestri, Sara Redaelli, Carlo Gambacorti Passerini, Katia Wehbe and Claudio Sorio. Rapid recognition of drug-resistance/sensitivity in leukemic cells by Fourier transform InfraRed microspectroscopy and unsupervised Hierarchical Cluster Analysis. Analyst, 2013, 138(14), 3934-3945, DOI: 10.1039/ C2AN36393C.
  • Katia Wehbe, Jacob Filik, Mark D. Frogley and Gianfelice Cinque. The effect of optical substrates on micro-FTIR analysis of single mammalian cells. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2013,  405(4), 1311-1324, DOI: 10.1007/s00216-012-6521-6.
  • Imran I. Patel, Wesley J. Harrison, Jemma G. Kerns, Jacob Filik, Katia Wehbe, Paul L. Carmichael, Andrew D. Scott, Mike P. Philpott, Mark D. Frogley, Gianfelice Cinque, Francis L. Martin. Isolating stem cells in the inter-follicular epidermis employing synchrotron radiation based Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy and focal plane array imaging. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2012, 404(6-7), 1745–1758, DOI: 10.1007/s00216-012-6314-y.
  • Jacob Filik, Mark D Frogley, Jacek K. Pijanka, Katia Wehbe, Gianfelice Cinque. Optical standing wave artifacts in reflection-absorption FTIR microspectroscopy of biological materials. J. Phys. 2012: Conf. Ser. 359012006, DOI:10.1088/1742-6596/359/1/012006.
  • Jacob Filik, Mark D. Frogley, Jacek Pijanka, Katia Wehbe and Gianfelice Cinque. Electric field standing wave artefacts in FTIR micro-spectroscopy of biological materials. Analyst. 2012,  137(4), 853-861, DOI: 10.1039/c2an15995c.
  • Christina S. Kamma-Lorger, Katia Wehbe, Craig Boote, Keith M. Meek, Gianfelice Cinque. FTIR has the potential to detect stem cells in the bovine corneal stroma. J Physic Chem Biophysic, 2011, 1(103), DOI: 10.4172/2161-0398.1000103.
  • Gianfelice Cinque, Mark Frogley, Katia Wehbe, Jacob Filik and Jacek Pijanka. Multimode InfraRed Imaging and Microspectroscopy (MIRIAM) Beamline at Diamond. Synchrotron Radiation News, 2011 24(5), 24-33, DOI:10.1080/08940886.2011.618093.
  • Katia Wehbe, Raphael Pineau, Sandrine Eimer, Anne Vital, Hugues Loiseau, and Gérard Déléris. Differentiation between normal and tumor vasculature of animal and human glioma by FTIR imaging. Analyst, 2010, 135(12), 3052–3059, DOI: 10.1039/c0an00513d.
  • Jacek Pijanka, Nick Stone, Gianfelice Cinque, Yang Yang, Achim Kohler, Katia Wehbe, Mark Frogley, C Parkes, Joanna Parkes, Paul Dumas, Daniel van Pittius, Christophe Sandt, Gillian Douce, Ganesh Sockalingum, Josep Sulé-Suso. FTIR microspectroscopy of stained cells and tissues. Application in cancer diagnosis. Spectroscopy, 2010, 24(1-2), 73-78, DOI: 10.3233/SPE-2010-0419.
  • Katia Wehbe, Raphael Pinneau, Michel Moenner, Gérard Déléris, Cyril Petibois. FT-IR spectral imaging of blood vessels reveals protein secondary structure deviations induced by tumor growth. Anal Bioanal Chem., 2008, 392(1-2), 129-135. DOI: 10.1007/s00216-008-2230-6.
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Dr. Katia Wehbe is a Senior Support Scientist on the MIRIAM beamline for IR micro-spectroscopy, specifically supporting the biological / biomedical experiments on the beamline. She got her PhD degree from the University of Bordeaux in France using Cell Biology and IR spectroscopy / imaging techniques. Right after graduation she joined Diamond for this position in December 2008. Her major role in Diamond was to set up the cell culture laboratory and maintain its operation along with the peripheral lab of the beamline.