Dr Willem van Mierlo


Senior Scientist
Electron Microscopy
Johnson Matthey

Key Research Area


Willem is a Senior Electron Microscopist at the Johnson Matthey Technology Centre in Sonning Common. He obtained his degree in geology and mineralogy at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. After this he continued to do a PhD in experimental high pressure mineralogy at the University of Bayreuth, specializing in diffusion and reaction kinetics and microstructural characterization by TEM. Before joining JMTC in 2014 he did a 2.5-year postdoc at the Central Electron Microscopy Facility of the University of Ulm in Germany, where he mainly focussed on TEM investigations of semiconductor devices and 3D-FIB characterization of solar cells. At JMTC Willem specializes in the quantitative analysis of the microstructure of Johnson Matthey (research) product by using a combination of SEM, TEM and FIB.