Dr Doğan Özkaya


Senior Principal Scientist
Electron Microscopy Team Leader
Johnson Matthey

Key Research Area

Key Research Area

His research interests lie in in electron microscopy of catalysts, metrology of supported nanoparticles, high angle annular dark field imaging quantification and quantification and application of in-situ and ex-situ environmental treatments on catalysts at various lenghtscales.


Doğan Özkaya is a Senior Principal Scientist and in charge of electron microscopy team in Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, Sonning Common, U.K. He holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Metallurgy from the University of Cambridge. He carried out postdoctoral research in electron microscopy of various materials in several university departments, including the Cavendish Laboratory and Department of Materials and Metallurgy of University of Cambridge as well as the Materials Department, University of Oxford, before joining Johnson Matthey in 2003.