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Christina Reinhard is a Beamline Scientist working within the Engineering and Environmental Science Village on beamline B11.  Previously, Christina worked on beamline I12 after joined Diamond in 2009.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778865

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My main aim is to investigate the mechanical behaviour of engineering materials, in particular fracture and strain.

Imaging and diffraction are important tools to help understand the mechanical properties of engineering materials. X-ray imaging techniques enable us to evaluate the three-dimensional structure of a material on a micrometer scale and permit to study quasi-dynamic processes such as deformation fracture propagation. Diffraction techniques allow us to gain insight to the strains and stresses inside a material. My research concentrates on combining synchrotron imaging and diffraction to investigate the deformation, fracture and failure mechanisms on a microstructural level in engineering materials.

One of my current projects with University of Bristol involves studying the fracture behaviour of components, using micro-tomography and digital volume correlation. The combination of these two techniques allows us to measure displacements, and hence deformation, within the material, eg. during micro-indentation. The experimental results are then used to validate complex finite element models, with the aim to gain deeper understanding how damage will develop under real conditions of service.



Since joining the B11 DIAD beamline, I conconcentrate on designing and building a beamline for Dual Imaging and Diffraction, in close collaboration with the Engineering Team and the User Community



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Combining synchrotron-based high-resolution tomography and digital volume correlation techniques to study the fracture behaviour of engineering materials in collaboration with:

Dr. Mahmoud Mostafavi, University of Bristol, Department of Mechanical Engineering


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