Matthew Spink


Matthew Spink is the Support Scientist for B24.  Matthew joined Diamond in February 2014 after working at Reading University EM Lab, Avacta and Durham University.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778332

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Cell Biology Cryo Microscopy.

Cryo-soft X-ray tomography (Cryo–SXT) allows us to image whole vitrified cells and their contents in a near native state at a resolution of ~40nm. Cryo-SXT utilises the natural contrast of cells to reveal cellular structure without the need for harsh sample preparation steps such as fixation, staining, dehydration and sectioning (which can often introduce artefacts) cryo-SXT allows us to see cell features including endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear membrane, nuclear pores, nucleoli, mitochondria and endosomes, all of which can be seen in context with the 3D volume of the cell.

Using Cryo-Soft X-ray tomography we are able to avoid harsh preparation steps as are common with electron microscopy thereby keeping the cell in a more native condition. Using this technique we are able to image biological samples up to 10µm thick to a resolution of ~40nm. The aim of this technique is to give better insight into whole near native cells.

Part of my role involves sample preparation, this involves: -growing cells -rapidly plunge freezing them into liquid nitrogen cooled liquid ethane. This preserves the cells in a near native condition. I also image the samples using using fluorescence microscopy cryo-Soft X-ray tomography and perform tomographic reconstruction. I also help look after the microscope.