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Liz Duke is the Principal Beamline Scientist for B24. Liz joined Diamond in 2003 after working at Daresbury Laboratory.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778057

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Research -
Cryo soft X-ray tomography; beamline instrumentation; structural biology.
My current research is focussed on the development of the cryo soft X-ray tomography technique and its use in the study of the structure of cells and bacteria. Cryo soft X-ray tomography will allow us to see how the structures of cells change when for example they are affected by a disease or treated with a particular drug. The technique of X-ray tomography is not new but its application to the study of cells is a relatively recent development which means there are many different applications which have yet to be explored.
Here at Diamond I have been working on developing the instrumentation required to collect data and also establishing the protocols required for sample preparation. I have been working with different research groups to apply cryo soft X-ray tomography to their particular research areas which are mostly focussed on cellular mechanisms related to cancer research.
Prior to being involved in the development of cryo soft X-ray tomography I was an active member of the MX beamline community contributing to the development of the technique for many years.
Currently I am responsible for B24 - I have led the design, procurement and installation of the equipment which we are now commissioning.
Collaborations - +

I collaborate with groups at the new Francis Crick and in particular with the EM Unit lead by Dr. Lucy Collinson. Together we have developed correlative light and X-ray microscopy techniques (CLXM) and used it to study cellular processes implicated in cancer.


Publications - +
  • Cryo-soft X-ray tomography: a journey into the world of the native-state cell Raffaella Carzaniga, Marie-Charlotte Domart, Lucy M. Collinson, Elizabeth Duke Protoplasma March 2014, Volume 251, Issue 2, pp 449-458
  • Biological applications of cryo-soft X-ray tomography E. DUKE; K. DENT; M. RAZI and L. M. COLLINSON Journal of Microscopy Volume 255, Issue 2, pages 65–70, August 2014
  • Imaging endosomes and autophagosomes in whole mammalian cells using correlative cryo-fluorescence and cryo-soft X-ray microscopy (cryo-CLXM) Elizabeth M.H. Duke; Minoo Razi; Anne Weston; Peter Guttmann; Stephan Werner; Katja Henzler; Gerd Schneider; Sharon A. Tooze; Lucy M. Collinson Ultramicroscopy Volume 143, August 2014, Pages 77–87