iCAR 2013 | iCAR 2013

Illuminating Challenges in Automotive Research (iCAR) 2013

The first iCAR event was held in 2013 with over 90 professionals from the automotive, oil and additives industries, along with scientists from academic institutions, in attendance. The aims of the event were to enable this broad spectrum of disciplines to come together to share insight and ideas for ways to solve some of the world's most pressing automotive challenges and to promote future collaboration.

Press Articles

Articles about the event were published in Infineum's own Insight Magazine and The Engineer.

iCAR 2013 Agenda

Monday 18th November 2013

 09:15 Registration and coffee

Welcome and Introduction from Trevor Rayment (Diamond CEO) and Xavier le Mintier (Infineum CEO)

Keynote Presentation
Fuels and Transportation: Future challenges
Chris Beddoes, Director General, CONCAWE
Lecture Session 1 – Challenges I
Chair - Ken Lewtas
Current and Future State of Emissions Legislation and Drivers 
Nick Powell, Ricardo
Clean and Capable; the Desirable Future Car
Steve Richardson, Jaguar Land Rover
The Role of Lubricants in Enhancing Sustainable Mobility
Ian Shannon, Shell Global Solutions
 12:30 Lunch
Lecture Session 2 - Synchrotron Techniques in Automotive Research
Chair - Trevor Rayment
Diamond and Automotive Research
Leigh Connor, Diamond Light Source
Connecting with the Catapults: Opportunities for Automotive Research using Central Facilities
Darren Hughes, WMG Centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult, University of Warwick
In situ Time Resolved Imaging and Strain Mapping for Automotive Applications
Alexander Korsunksy and Nikolas Baimpas, University of Oxford
The Application of X-rays to Obtain Insight Into the Nature and Behaviour of Cu Species in Cu-Zeolites used for Ammonia-SCR
Andy Beale, Research Complex @ Harwell and UCL
 15:00 Tours of Diamond
Lecture Session 3 – Fuels and Lubricants
Chair - Chris Locke
Interaction Studies Involving Non Aqueous Colloidal Particles Used in Lubricant Additives
Ken Lewtas, Infineum UK Ltd
Utilising Synchrotron Methods to Study Fundamental Processes in Fuels and Engineering Components in Fuel Systems
Peter Hutchins, Infineum UK Ltd
Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs) – a View on the Current State of Play and the Future
Chris Clayton, Shell Global Solutions

 Transfer to conference dinner at Williams F1 Conference Centre

After dinner speech: Mark Hempsell, Future Programmes Director, Reaction Engines

 Tuesday 19th November 2013

Recapping on Day 1
Chris Locke, Infineum International Limited
Lecture Session 4 – Challenges II
Chair – Steve Richardson
Powertrains in 2025 and Beyond - Driven by Innovation, Responsibility and Engineering
Marco Warth, MAHLE Powertrain
Lecture Session 5 - Emissions and Combustion
Chair – Steve Richardson
Advanced Aftertreatment Requirements and Measurement Techniques for Future Emissions Legislation
Matthew Keenan, Ricardo
Multizone Stratifed Compression Ignition - Is Gasoline CI the More Sensible Approach to High Efficiency, Low Emission Transportation Engines?
Steve Ciatti, Argonne National Laboratory
Lecture Session 6 - The Engine Combustion Network – Fluid Dynamics, Spray Structure and the Combustion Process
Chair – Peter Hutchins
Spray Combustion Research for the Engine Combustion Network
Lyle Pickett, Sandia National Laboratories
ECN: Nozzle Geometry and Internal Flow
Chris Powell, Argonne National Laboratory
Identifying the Driving Processes of Diesel Spray Injection through Mixture Fraction and Velocity Field Measurements of the ECN Spray A
Gilles Bruneaux – IFPEN
 12:45 Lunch
Lecture Session 7 - Alternative Energy Solutions
Chair – Elizabeth Shotton
Li ion and LiS Batteries: Improve Performance by Understanding Deactivation
Moniek Tromp, Technische Universität München
Safe Clean Hydrogen Storage for Automotive Applications
Stephen Bennington, Cella Energy
Size Matters: Understanding the Microscopic Performance of Electrochemical Devices
Paul Shearing, University College London
 15:15 Tea
Lecture Session 8 - New Materials and Coatings
Chair – Claire Pizzey
Functionality of Tribosystems for Powertrain Applications
Florian Grün, Montanuniversität Leoben
Interaction of Additives in Oil Formulation with Carbon Based Coatings (DLC) in Industrial Applications
Martin Grischke,OC Oerlikon Balzers AG
Closing remarks
Xavier le Mintier and Trevor Rayment