Diamond & Infineum | Diamond & Infineum


Infineum UK Ltd has developed a key partnership with Diamond Light Source to advance its research aims in a range of areas across the automotive, transport and energy industry. Diamond Light Source hosts world class facilities which allow the study of challenging and complex systems in ways not possible in the laboratory.

Through access to ultra-high resolution diffraction, small angle scattering, tomography, EXAFS and other techniques, Diamond and Infineum are working together to address a range of important questions within the fuels, lubricants and engineering fields of the energy industry. Infineum, Diamond, the University of Leeds and the Royal Society of Engineering have joined together to appoint a Bragg Centenary Chair, a leading academic to advance research interests in these area. This appointment demonstrates the commitment of Diamond and Infineum to work together to address the challenges for creating a more efficient and effective transport and energy network in Europe.