Data Acquisition/Scientific Computing Project

On beamline I13 (both beamlines, but especially Imaging), a number of "live" objects (accessing real hardware) are created (in Jython) even when running in dummy mode. This can slow down GDA startup in dummy mode, as the server tries and fails to access the hardware.

One solution would be to go through the Jython and ensure that these objects are not created in dummy mode: this is quite simple and is done in some places but makes the Jython look a bit messy. A better solution would be to see how many objects can be moved from Jython to Java/Spring: if this can be done, there is an existing mechanism to create dummy objects when running in dummy mode. This is less messy and has the advantage that live & dummy modes become more similar and testing in dummy mode can be more realistic.

So students in this project will:

- Inspect the Jython code and make a list of the live objects created and their type.

- Classify the objects into 2 groups where:
    (a) there is an existing Java class that does the same thing
    (b) there is no suitable existing Java class