Postdoctoral Research Associate, I06

Job Title Postdoctoral Research Associate, I06
Job Reference 009/18/TH
Post Type Full time, 3 year fixed term
Division Physical Science
Salary information £32,805 to £38,593 (Discretionary range to £44,382)
Application deadline 21/02/2018
Date of interviews

Job Description

Beamline I06 operates a leading polarised soft x-ray beamline for research exploiting x-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) and resonant soft x-ray diffraction. The beamline houses a PhotoEmission Electron Microscope (PEEM), a high-field low-temperature superconducting magnet and a soft x-ray diffractometer. We are looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated new member of the team. Research interests should be clearly presented in the application. Candidates with interests in soft x-ray diffraction from highly-correlated systems or nanomagnetism studied using XMCD/XMLD combined with a PEEM or superconducting magnet are encouraged to apply.

To work within the I06 team to undertake research.

Work in the I06 team in the following areas:

  • carrying out in-house research activities using polarised soft x-rays;
  • carrying out experiments, analysing data and publication of results ;
  • maintenance of the beamline during operations;
  • development and testing of new equipment and software for research;
  • support of users in performing their experiments at Diamond;
  • assisting users with data analysis;
  • keeping up with latest results and research directions internationally.

Qualification & Experience - Essential

  • Appropriate Science Degree;
  • Appropriate PhD and three years relevant experience;
  • Experience in the use of scientific instrumentation;
  • Experience in scientific data collection;
  • Good interpersonal, communication and presentational skills;
  • Ability to interact with staff and facility users at all levels;
  • Ability and initiative to get to the heart of the problem and take it effectively through to completion;
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Good organisational and planning skills;
  • Self motivation;
  • Ability to work flexibly with occasional weekend and out-of hours working;
  • Must be available to travel occasionally within the UK and abroad, including overnight absences. 

Qualification & Experience - Desirable

  • Experience with Windows/Linux/Unix;
  • Experience in synchrotron radiation based research;
  • Expertise in at least one of the following techniques: polarised x-ray spectroscopy (XMCD,XMLD), soft x-ray diffraction, PEEM
  • Experience in supporting scientists in the conduct of research in a synchrotron or equivalent facility;
  • Good background in X-ray instrumentation and  X-ray detectors;
  • Capability of full data analysis.

Further Information

  • Must be available to travel occasionally within the UK and abroad, including overnight absences;
  • Ability to work flexibly with occasional weekend and out-of hours working.

Applying for employment

For further details on applying for employment at Diamond, please visit our 'Application Form' page.

Appointments will be made depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. Electronic Diamond application forms in MS-Word are preferred. These should be emailed to

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