Stephen Price


Stephen joined Diamond in October 2013 as a PDRA on I18 and also works at the Research Complex at Harwell.

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 778517

Key Research Area

Key Research Areas

  • Catalysis
  • XAS
  • XRD tomography
  • XRF tomography
  • Electrochemistry
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Research Expertise -

Key Research Areas

Catalysis is an important technology, with around 90% of all our chemicals and materials being produced using catalysis at some stage. Understanding how the structure of a catalyst relates to its performance is crucial. Improving our understanding of this will allow for rational catalyst design with higher activity and selectivity towards the desired product.

My research at Diamond, in collaboration with Dr Andrew Beale (Research Complex at Harwell/UCL) is aimed at developing 3D imaging in situ of catalyst particles using both micro x-ray diffraction computed tomography (XRD-CT) and micro x-ray fluorescence computed tomography (XRF-CT), to discover what structural features are necessary for the high selectivity of several industrial catalysts.

Other current research include in situ characterisation of electrochemical systems using x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), and using the outputs of molecular dynamic simulations to provide a more detailed structural input for fitting XAS data of nanoparticles.

My role at Diamond is developing the experimental techniques and data analysis required for 3D imaging and also supporting beamline users with their data analysis.

Collaborations - +


I am working with Prof. Andrea Russell (University of Southampton) on x-ray absorption studies of electrochemical systems, from experiment design through to data analysis.


I am working with Dr Bruce Ravel (NSLS/NIST) using the outputs from molecular dynamics simulations as enhanced structural inputs fro EXAFS analysis.


Publications - +


1. Computational prediction of L3 EXAFS spectra of gold nanoparticles from classical molecular dynamics simulations, Physical Review B, 83, 11, 115409, (2011). OM Roscioni, N Zonias, SWT Price, AE Russell, T Comaschi and CK Skylaris.

2. In Situ XAS Studies of Core-Shell PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts: The Opportunities and Challenges, ECS Transactions, 41, 1, 55-67 (2011). AE Russell, BC Tessier, AM Wise, A Rose, SWT Price, PW Richardson, SC Ball, B Theobald, D Thompsett, and EM Crabb.

3. Exploring the First Steps in Core-Shell Electrocatalyst Preparation: In Situ Characterization of the Underpotential Deposition of Cu on Supported Au Nanoparticles, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133, 48, 19448-19458 (2011). SWT Price, JD Speed, P Kannan and AE Russell.

4. Fitting EXAFS data using molecular dynamics outputs and a histogram approach, Physical Review B, 85, 7, 075439, (2012). SWT Price, N Zonias, CK Skylaris, TI Hyde, B Ravel and AE Russell.

5. The application of molecular dynamics to fitting EXAFS data, Journal of Physics: Conference series, 430, 012009 (2013). SWT Price, N Zonias, CK Skylaris, B Ravel and AE Russell.

6. A novel bifunctional oxygen GDE for alkaline secondary batteries, Electrochemistry Communications, 34, 228-230 (2013). X Li, D Pletcher, AE Russell, FC Walsh, RGA Wills, SF Gorman, SWT Price and SJ Thompson.

7. Revealing the details of the surface composition of electrochemically prepared Au@Pd core@shell nanoparticles with in situ EXAFS, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117, 47, 24858-24865. SWT Price, JM Rhodes, L Calvillo, AE Russell.

Other publications are in preparation.

Biography - +


Stephen Price completed his PhD at the University of Southampton working with Prof. Andrea Russell as part of an Industrial CASE Award with Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, Sonning Common.

His thesis focussed on enhanced structural characterisation of supported nanoparticles, firstly using x-ray absorption to follow formation of core-shell structures on nanoparticles in situ and secondly by using the outputs from molecular dynamics simulations to provide a more detailed structural input for fitting the data.

He stayed on to do a PDRA working as part of the POWAIR project (EU-FP7), developing bifunctional oxygen electrodes for use in a zinc-air flow battery for large scale energy storage.

Stephen joined Diamond in October 2013 as a PDRA on I18 and also works at the Research Complex at Harwell.