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This village includes the Scattering beamlines I22 and B21, circular dichroism (CD) B23, and B22 for infra-red microscopy. This village brings together life scientists with interests outside of the macromolecular crystallography community, investigating novel materials and complex organic structures and advancing the industrial development of biomaterials. In Physical Sciences we play host to Polymer and Colloid scientists as well as those investigating molecular crystals and semiconductors.

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Beamlines -
B21 High Automated Throughput SAXS

B21 is a bending maget Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) beamline primarily focused on dilute solution state systems. 

Beamsize: 250 x 250 μm

Energy: 6 - 23 keV

Wavelength: 0.54 - 2.07 Å

Detector: Pilatus 2M (SAXS)

I22 Non-crystalline diffraction

I22 is a non-crystalline diffraction beamline using SAXS and WAXS for the physical and life sciences. Small-angle, non-crystalline diffraction provides essential information on the structure and dynamics of large molecular assemblies in low ordered environments.

Beamsize: 60-70 μm x 350-400 μm (Main Beam) 6 x 6 μm (Microfocus)

Energy: 6 - 20 keV

Wavelength: 0.62 - 2.07 Å

Detector: Pilatus P3-2M(SAXS), Pilatus P3-2M-L (WAXS)

B22 Infrared Microspectroscopy, MIRIAM

MIRIAM (Multimode InfraRed Imaging And Microspectroscopy) provides a brilliant and versatile microprobe for high resolution imaging of molecular structures as well as high sensitivity vibrational spectroscopy via FTIR up to the THz range. Experiments span from biomedical applications to physical-chemical researches, with subsequent impact across a wide range of life and physical sciences.

Beamsize: 1 mm to 3 um

Energy: 0.6 meV to 1.2 eV

Wavelength: 2 mm to 1 µm

Detector: MCT, DLaTGS and Bolometer

B23 Circular Dichroism

B23 is a  life sciences, chemistry and material science beamline for investigating and observing  structural, functional and dynamic interactions in elements such as  proteins, nucleic acids, nanoparticles and chiral molecules.

Beamsize: 0.5mm² to 2mm x 4mm

Energy: 2-10eV

Wavelength: 125-650 nm

Detector: PMT

  • Beamline Scientist Rohanah Hussain on B23
  • Principal Beamline Scientist Nick Terrill on I22
  • Principal Beamline Scientist Dr. Gianfelice Cinque on B22
  • Beamline Scientist Katsuaki Inoue on B21
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