Kristy Robb


Kirsty Robb is a joint PhD student with the University of Strathcylde (Glasgow), and is working on structural and functional studies of GntR-like regulators in Gram negative bacteria.

Tel: 01235778518

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Research -


GntR-like bacterial transcription factors.

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1.   Adamczyk, K., Candelaresi, M., Kania, R., Robb, K., Bellota-Anton,       C., Greetham, G. M., Pollard, M. R., Towrie, M., Parker, A. W.,                     Hoskisson, P. A., Tucker, N. P., and Hunt, N. T. (2012) The effect of             point mutation on the equilibrium structural fluctuations of ferric     myoglobin, Phys Chem Chem Phys 14, 7411-7419.

2.   Bellota-Anton, C., Munnoch, J., Robb, K., Adamczyk, K., Candelaresi, M., Parker, A. W., Dixon, R., Hutchings, M. I., Hunt, N. T., and Tucker, N. P. (2011) Spectroscopic analysis of protein Fe-NO complexes, Biochem Soc Trans 39, 1293-1298.