Darren Sherrell


Darren Sherrell is a Senior Support Scientist on I24. He Recieved his BSc Hons in Theoretical Physics from Queen Mary, London before emigrating to the United States. He left his positon as the beamline engineer at 4.2.2 in Berkeley to pursue his PhD in BioPhysics at the Canadian Light Source. He started work at Diamond in July 2014.

Email: darren.sherrell@diamond.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 123577 8455

Key Research Area

Key Research Area

  • Diffraction Spectroscopy
  • Serial Crystallography
  • Metalloprotein
  • XFEL/SR Diffraction Techniques

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Current Research Interests

My research includes applications of transmission and fluorescence spectra during crystallographic data collection. Expanding crystallography by separating absorption spectra profiles of elementally identical atoms from within macromolecules. Applying large scale data analysis to spectra from scattering. Modelling large unit cell diffraction as a function of x-ray wavelength and Bragg angle. Beamline development, including serial crystallography, multi-crystal oscillation, large scale elemental mapping and a more holistic approach from motors to data collection methods.

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