Shipping Samples From Diamond

Please complete this form carefully. We need accurate information to send back your dewar(s).

You have two options:

- You give us your carrier* and your account number and we generate an Air Way Bill (AWB) and arrange a pick-up date with your carrrier, or
- You generate the AWB yourself, you send to your local contact the return label to print and attach to your dewar(s). You must arrange the pick update of your dewar(s) at Diamond with your carrier. Please complete in this form in addition to the previous information in option 1, the AWB number and the pick up date at Diamond you arranged with your carrier.

(*): Option 1 is only available if your carrier is DHL or FEDEX international only.

Note:to avoid problems with your carrier, we advice you to put in the description of your package: dry shipper containing frozen crystals (quantity: #, value: £x)

Dewar Information

1 line per item (please specify value & quantity) E.g. dry shipper containing frozen crystals (Value: £100; Quantity: 2)
Option 1: provide A/C number and the desired dewar pickup date (only for DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT or UK mail); Option 2: provide A/C number, AWB and the booked date for dewar pickup